WHO WE ARE............

21 Apr 2018


The Company was
established in1985 with
the aim of manufacturing
the complete range of
We had with us long
history of research
and development in
this area of
manufacturing. Now
the company stands
distinguished not
only in the local market
but has a prominent presence
in the international market.
Our manufacturing units are totally
resonant with the best techniques of Engineering and aerodynamics. Quality assurance and innovation departments are two important arms of our company. We use high quality Japanese ball bearing, finest silicon electric steel sheets, 99.9% superb pure copper wire and high grade insulating material to maintain the highest standard of quality.
To ore credit are ISO 9001-2008 certification, CE marking, EXPORT standard certificate and ENERGY STAR  standard certification.
We have been exporting the complete range of our products to the Middle East and ASIAN ,AFRICIAN Countries for the last 10 years and aim to market  our products else where in near future.